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The Branch of Geospatial Support, which is under the Office of Trust Services, Division of Land Titles and Records, provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, training, and system support for the management of natural resources on Indian lands, such as irrigation flood plain analysis, forest harvesting, wildland fire analysis, oil and gas management, and other economic analyses. This is accomplished by providing expert technical support in geospatial data technologies to Indian Affairs (IA) and tribal GIS professionals. The Branch of Geospatial Support is the sole technical support office to IA and all tribes for GIS as a part of the Department of Interior (DOI)-Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) ESRI® Enterprise License Agreement (ELA). The support activities include software distribution (ESRI® ArcGIS for Desktop, Portal, and Server), customer license accounting, geospatial and technical software support, remote sensing, and GIS training and workshop sessions.

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Geospatial Support News

The Office of Trust Services Geospatial Support (OTSGS) was renamed the Branch of Geospatial Support in 2015. The current email address for the Branch of Geospatial Support Help Desk is

ArcGIS version 10.2.2 is now available for both the BIA and tribal participants. This new version is mostly a quality improvement release. For more information, refer to What's New in ArcGIS 10.2.2, found in the ESRI's ArcGIS Resources web page.

ArcGIS v10.2.1 and 10.2.2 patches and service packs are available on ESRI's Patches and Service Packs web page. Contact your IT desktop support representative to install any patches you need. For questions about which patches you may need, contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk by email at or by phone at 877.293.9494.

The Geospatial Training Brochure and Schedule for October 2016March 2017 is available. Sign-up early to guarantee your spot. Please submit your registration form to the Geospatial Support Help Desk by email at or fax to 303.231.5229. Registration forms can be found at the end of the training schedule. We look forward to seeing you at one of our many training sessions.

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Geospatial Training

The Geospatial Training Brochure and Schedules for April 2016-September 2016 and October 2016-March 2017 are available. Geospatial training course registrations can be faxed to the Geospatial Support Help Desk at 303.231.5229 or emailed to All questions can be directed to the Geospatial Support Help Desk at 877.293.9494.

The Branch of Geospatial Support provides GIS training to BIA offices and employees of Federally Recognized Tribes. Refer to the Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible to Receive Services from the US BIA for the list of tribes eligible for geospatial training courses. There is no tuition cost for this training. Expenses for transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals are the responsibility of the participant. Training courses are taught at the Geospatial Training Facility in Lakewood, Colorado, and various field locations. Note: training dates and availability are subject to change at the discretion of the Branch of Geospatial Support and GIS trainers.

ELA Program Provides ESRI® Virtual Campus Online Training

A select number of ESRI® Web-based, standard subscription, Virtual Campus GIS courses and workshops are now available, at no cost, through the current Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) between ESRI and the DOI. Please refer to the ArcGIS Product List for available courses through the ELA, and contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk at 877.293.9494 or email to enroll. Refer to ESRI's Training Catalog for detailed information about specific courses available in the ArcGIS Product List.

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DOI-BIA ESRI® Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

BIA Office of Trust Services employees, federally recognized tribal employees, and contracted or compacted tribes (under Public Law 93-638) can obtain specific ESRI® products through the Branch of Geospatial Support at no cost. The Branch of Geospatial Support administers the configuration, distribution, and support of the ESRI® products related to the ELA.

The ELA provides the following:

  • ArcGIS core software and most extensions.
  • Select ESRI® Virtual Campus Online Training courses and workshops.
  • Paid maintenance for existing products.
  • A limited number of ESRI® specialty products.
  • Discounts on purchases of other ESRI® and third-party software products.
  • Technical support (Note: all technical support inquiries should be directed to the Geospatial Support Help Desk at 877.293.9494 or email  

The current ELA between ESRI
® and the DOI is valid through January 31, 2019.

Refer to the Branch of Geospatial Support ELA Participation Policy for more information. 

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ArcGIS Product List

The items in the ArcGIS Product List are available at no cost to approved applicants. Use the list of products and part numbers to help you complete your order. Please note that new ESRI® Virtual Campus Online courses are added to the Product List on an ongoing basis, so it's a good idea to check frequently, if you are interested in taking online ArcGIS courses.

View the ArcGIS version 10.2.2 Product List.

System requirements for ArcGIS for Desktop versions:

ArcGIS v10.2.x for Desktop system requirements 

ArcGIS v10.1 for Desktop system requirements

Refer to ESRI's System Requirements for all versions of ArcGIS products. 

How to Obtain GIS Software 

New ELA members: Contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk for assistance at 877.293.9494 or email An ELA coordinator will help you with completing your ELA application and order forms. Refer to the links below for the ELA application forms:

Tribal members: Fill out the Tribal ELA Application Form.
BIA employees: Fill out the BIA ELA Application Form

Existing ELA members: Contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk at 877.293.9494 or email for order forms and product information. An ELA coordinator will work with you to update your software. 

Please be aware, under the current DOI-BIA ESRI® ELA, the Branch of Geospatial Support will not automatically send upgrades for existing software licenses. Contact the Geospatial Support Help Desk to request software upgrades.

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