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Indian Affairs–Office of Information Technology (IA–OIT)

The IA–OIT organization is comprised of approximately 300 staff members working throughout the nation servicing desktop computers, printers, network equipment, file/print servers, land mobile radio, Geospatial Information Systems, and other IT equipment.

IA–OIT supports the IT infrastructure that facilitates the fulfillment of the highly complex IA mission across all of its lines of business. IA–OIT supports the President’s Management Agenda as aligned through the DOI and IA strategic plans. IA–OIT has established a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives, Performance Measures, and Core Values. Additionally, we have aligned IT with business stakeholders in the IA organization, who oversee the various Lines of Business (LOB).

IA–OIT is responsible for providing information and technology leadership for all of Indian Affairs.

IA–OIT has articulated a strong vision for the future:

Access to the Right Information for Authorized Users, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Mission, Securely and Reliably.

Mission and Vision
IA–OIT Mission/Vision


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