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Division of Workforce Development 

 Who We Are... 

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The Division of Workforce Development manages a wide variety of job placement and training activities to promote job training and employment opportunities. Our training programs have resulted in numerous well-paying jobs for Indians. The Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development is also the lead federal agency for implementing Public Law (P.L.) 102-477 authorizing the Division to assist tribes in developing education, employment, training, and social services.

What We Do...

Our professionals:

  • Coordinate federal employment and training resources with the Department of Labor and Health and Human Services for comprehensive tribal programs administering Public Law 102-477
  • Work with the national Building Trades Association involving 13 different skilled construction trades to provide employment and training opportunities nationwide. This is the first ever agreement between the Department of the Interior and the Trades Association.
  • Provide highway construction training and employment through a Department of Transportation
    Federal Highways Administration grant
  • Manage the National Indian Iron worker Training Program
  • Administer Job Placement and Training Program
  • Provide training for economic development opportunities towards job creation
  • Serve over 50,000 Indian individuals per year
  • Partner with the Council for Tribal Employment Rights for native construction career projects

  Federal/Tribal 477 Administrative Workgroup

Click here for Revisions to the PL 102-477 Forms


Federal and tribal officials have established a workgroup to develop a reporting and auditing process that minimizes burdens placed on tribes while assuring that federal funds are spent towards their appropriated purpose. The workgroup also hopes to provide consistent understandings of the program terms and requirements to all parties involved.

The workgroup meets weekly via teleconference each Tuesday at 3pm Eastern Standard Time.  The public may access these workgroup calls in a listen-only mode by dialing 1-888-677-2617, passcode 4117419.  Additionally comments or suggestions intended for the workgroup participants can be sent to  Any messages sent to this mailbox will be forwarded to all Federal and Tribal officials serving on the workgroup.

Check back to this page periodically for updates on the Workgroup’s progress.

Tri-Agency 477 Tribal Leader Letter 9-30-11

Tri-Agency Letter to Committee on Appropriations 10-7-11

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding P.L. 102-477

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