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Welcome to the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development Web site. Here you will learn about the work our office is doing to help Indian communities gain economic self-sufficiency through the development of their energy and mineral resources, application of established business practices, and co-sponsorship of innovative training programs. 

The office is made up of four Divisions: 

Division of Energy and Mineral Development - Assists Tribes with the exploration, development, and management of their energy and mineral resources with the ultimate goal of creating jobs and sustainable tribal economies.

Division of Economic Development - Assists Tribes in creating an environment for economic progress through training, business planning, and expert consultation.

Division of Capital Investment - Manages the Indian Loan Guaranty Program to facilitate access to capital and loan financing for Indians.

Division of Workforce Development - Manages a wide variety of job placement and training programs to promote Indian employment opportunities.

Respecting Tradition...
          While on the Path to Prosperity

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IEED Grant and Loan Programs

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2015 EMDP Grant Solicitation 

View the 2015 EMDP Solicitation at

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View the List of 2014 EMDP Award Recipients

Revisions To PL 102-477 Forms

Extending Credit in Indian Country

Have you checked out the Community Developments Investments electronic magazine? Titled “Extending Credit in Indian Country,” it focuses on how banks can use federal programs to lend and invest in Indian Country.  You can read the e-zine on this link:  

Can Indian Tribes own renewable energy projects? IRS says yes.

The IRS released a ruling this week that opens the door to Indian tribes playing a much larger role in renewable power projects.

It allows an Indian tribal government to be an owner or lessee of these projects. The rationale: An Indian tribal government is not a governmental unit or tax-exempt organization for purposes of tax subsidies.

The taxpayer in the ruling leased a power plant from an Indian tribe and planned to sell power to a third party. The taxpayer and tribe agreed to let the taxpayer (the lessee) claim an investment tax credit. The option to let a lessee claim an investment credit is available if the lessor could not have claimed the credit. The IRS ruled that the tribal government could have claimed the credit.  

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between DOI BIA and USDA Rural Development for Implementing Agriculture Programs on Indian Lands

Download the MOU in PDF format  here

Tribal Economic Development Bonds

The Department of Treasury released new guidelines for allocation of the $1.8 billion remaining in Tribal Economic Development Bonds (TEDB).  The TEDB program was established under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), and provides Tribes with the authority to issue tax-exempt debt for a wider range of activities to spur job creation and promote economic growth in Indian country. Click here to view the IRS guidelines

Federal/Tribal 477 Administrative Flexibility Workgroup

Federal and tribal officials have established a work group to develop a reporting and auditing process that minimizes burdens placed on tribes while assuring that federal funds are spent towards their appropriated purpose.  Check back to the Division of Workforce Development website for updates on the work group's progress and information on where to provide comments and suggestions.  Comments or suggestions intended for the workgroup participants can be sent to  Any messages sent to this mailbox will be forwarded to all Federal and Tribal officials serving on the workgroup.

Tri-Agency 477 Tribal Leader Letter 9-30-11

Tri-Agency Letter to Committee on Appropriations 10-7-11

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding P.L. 102-477 

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, 3:00pm Eastern:
Federal/Tribal 477 Administrative Flexibility Workgroup Weekly Teleconference
The workgroup meets weekly via teleconference each Tuesday at 3pm Eastern Standard Time. The public may access these workgroup calls in a listen-only mode by dialing 1-888-677-2617, passcode 4117419. Additionally comments or suggestions intended for the workgroup participants can be sent to Any messages sent to this mailbox will be forwarded to all Federal and Tribal officials serving on the workgroup.

How to Structure Your Native Business (pdf)

Mission Statement

The Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development (IEED) was established within the Office of the Secretary, Indian Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior to provide high-level support for the Department’s goal of serving tribal communities by providing access to energy resources and helping tribes stimulate job creation and economic development.

IEED focuses on increasing the economic vitality of American Indians and Alaska Natives. The Office is committed to achieving long-term goals of promoting Indian economic development, increasing tribal business knowledge, increasing jobs and businesses, increasing capital investment, and providing assistance for developing energy and mineral resources.