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OIMT Leadership

Joseph J. Austin - Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO)

The ACIO, Office of Information Management Technology (OIMT) directs essential aspects of Indian Affairs (IA) technology planning, implementation, and maintenance in support of the Bureau's overall mission, strategic plans, goals; and is responsible for the leadership of staff and management of functions related to technology services. The ACIO leads three divisions which are comprised of field and central office staff, who provides management and oversight of all IA information management technology (IMT) resources such as:

  • IA information system security activities

  • E-Government activities

  • Development and maintenance of IA IT policies on the creation and disposition of information and systems

  • Standardization of technology and information resources functions within IA, to achieve continuity of information technology and resource accountability throughout the organization

OIMT strives to deliver information solutions which empowers IA programs to fulfill their commitments to Indian Country. We enable the IA mission by supporting internal information management and by creating tools for lines of businesses (LOB) so they can deliver critical services to their stakeholders, and remains committed to optimizing value to stakeholders through the implementation of IT best practices, process, core competencies, and by delivering and communicating results to our customers.

OIMT is subject to Federal legislation, regulations, and directives associated with the management of Federal government IT resources. The mandates listed below, serve as enablers with checks and balances. Compliance with these legislative and administrative mandates assures our stakeholders of an operating environment where accountability and enhanced security delivers measurable results.