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Guidelines and Precedent Manual 

These documents include several documents designed to assist the petitioner and the petitioner's research staff in putting together a petition.

The guidelines discuss the preparation process in general terms, and petitioners should be aware that their own experience in preparing petitions will have its set of special requirements, considerations, and decisions.

The precedent manual is intended to help petitioners better understand how the Department as interpreted and applied the regulations to specific cases.

The attached narrative, the “Petition for Federal Acknowledgment of the Match-e-be-nash-she-wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians of Michigan,” is an example of a narrative written by a member of a petitioning group, who volunteered for the project, along with the help of other group members.  The petitioner, through this narrative and additional supporting documents, demonstrated that it met the mandatory criteria for Federal acknowledgment.  This sample narrative was part of a petition evaluated under the 1994 regulations. 


2015 REGULATIONS (the "current" regulations)

Because the 2015 regulations have only recently been released, the Department has not had the time to compile official guidelines or a precedent manual specific to the 2015 regulations.  Look for updated guidelines and an update precedent manual on this page in the future.  In the meantime, the guidelines and precedent manual for the 1994 regulations might prove useful in preparing a petition under the 2015 regulations.  The preamble (80 FR 37862-37885) to the 2015 acknowledgment regulations provides an explanation of some of the differences between the 1994 acknowledgment regulations and the 2015 acknowledgment regulations.

1994 REGULATIONS (the "previous" regulations)