Indian Affairs | Resolving Conflict (CORE PLUS Program)

Conflict Resolution: CORE PLUS Program

What is CORE PLUS? 

The COnflict REsolution PLUS system provides impartial and confidential assistance to any DOI employee seeking to improve or resolve a work place issue or concern. CORE PLUS is available to all employees and managers including bargaining unit employees, when the union elects to participate. CORE PLUS offers information and assistance on problem solving options. Assistance options include:

  • Confidential consultation,
  • Individual conflict coaching,
  • Communication and conflict management training,
  • Climate assessment,
  • Group facilitation,
  • Team-building, and
  • Conciliation and mediation services.

When is CORE PLUS available? 

There are no time limits or formal requirements for seeking assistance through CORE PLUS. However, contracting CORE PLUS does not change the filing requirements and deadlines for complaint processes.

Why contact CORE PLUS? 

CORE PLUS offers education and training, conflict management tools, and dispute resolution assistance to improve communication, cooperative problem solving and team work. CORE PLUS can help you manage change, strengthen teams and partnerships, and improve communication and performance. You can discuss your concerns confidentially.

CORE PLUS does not:

  • Limit an employee's rights
  • Reduce management's authority
  • Replace other avenues of redress

If I contact CORE PLUS, can I still file a complaint? 

CORE PLUS does not replace any other complaint process available to DOI employees such as a grievance, EEO complaint, or whistle-blower complaint. Anyone seeking CORE PLUS assistance will be encouraged to learn about all of their options and will be referred to the appropriate point of contact for reliable information on other processes.

If I file a complaint, can I still use CORE PLUS? 

An employee who seeks EEO counseling or files a complaint has the option to request Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes through the CORE PLUS program to attempt informal resolution of the issues underlying the grievance or other type of complaint. CORE PLUS assistance is also available throughout the complaint process.

How do I get CORE PLUS assistance? 

CORE PLUS is easy to access by contacting a Bureau Dispute Resolution Specialist, a CORE PLUS program coordinator, a CORE PLUS roster member, or the Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR). Information on CORE PLUS should also be available through your supervisor, Human Resources office, EEO office of any EEO Counselor. You can always find information on CORE PLUS online at the DOI CADR web site.

Why should I use CORE PLUS? 

CORE PLUS provides a safe environment for you to raise any workplace concern or issue and explore your options for resolving the issues. CORE PLUS will provide you with information on the variety of options available to you and let you make your own decisions. CORE PLUS can help you make informed choices about how to resolve conflict situations to achieve positive outcomes.

CORE PLUS Departmental Manual Chapter (370 DM 770) This chapter provides policy, procedures, and requirements for the Department of the Interior's (Department) Core PLUS Program. The CORE PLUS Program is an alternative to the other adversarial dispute resolution processes. It replaces two existing workplace alternative dispute resolution Programs: CORE, previously under the direction of the Office of Human Resources, and EEO PLUS, previously under the direction of the Office of Civil Rights. CORE PLUS is an integrated conflict management system that emphasizes early cooperative problem-solving and constructive conflict management in addition to alternative dispute resolution processes.