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Division of Corrections

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Mission Statement

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Corrections protects Indian communities by confining offenders in safe and secure environments in facilities that are humane and cost-efficient.

Cultural Anchors/Core Values

Traditional Family

The Division of Corrections recognizes that staff is the most valuable resource in accomplishing its mission, and is committed to the personal welfare and professional development of each employee. A traditional concept of “family” is encouraged through healthy supportive relationships among staff and organization responsiveness to staff needs. The active participation of staff at all levels is essential to the development and accomplishment of organization objectives.

Sound Correctional Management

The Division of Corrections maintains effective security and control of its facilities and provides the essential foundation for sound correctional management.

Promotes Integrity

The Division of Corrections firmly adheres to a set of values that promotes honesty and integrity in the professional efforts of its staff to ensure public confidence in the Division’s prudent use of its allocated resources.

Recognizes the Dignity of All

Recognizing the inherent dignity of all human beings and their potential for change, the Division of Corrections treats inmates fairly and responsively and affords them opportunities for self-improvement.

Career Service Orientation

The Division of Corrections is a career oriented service, which seeks a consistent management philosophy and continuity of leadership, enabling it to evolve as a stable, professional organization in Indian Country.

Community Relations in Indian Country

The Division of Corrections recognizes and facilitates the integral role of the Indian community in effectuating the Division’s mission, and works cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies, the courts, and other governmental components.

High Standards

The Division of Corrections requires high standards of safety, security, sanitation, and discipline, which promotes a physically and emotionally sound environment for both staff and inmates. 

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