Indian Affairs | District III

District III

Selanhongva McDonald is the Special Agent in Charge for District III and is a member of the Hopi Tribe. Mr. McDonald received his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from Northern Arizona University. In his 14 years of service for the BIA, he worked as the Lead Special Agent for the Western Nevada Agency, Chief of Police for the Western Nevada Agency and at the Fallon Indian Reservation as well as serving a six-month detail as a Federal Air Marshal. Mr. MacDonald has served as a BIA police officer for the Hopi Agency, Special Agent of the Western Nevada Agency, assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Safe Trails Task and as an instructor for the Indian Police Academy (IPA) later becoming Acting Deputy Chief and Special Agent/Instructor.

District III encompasses all Indian Country within Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California. The Office of Justice Service (OJS) Field Office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. In Arizona, there are 20 tribes, in Utah there are 3 Tribes, in Nevada there are 25 Tribes who receives services or overview from OJS-District III. California is a public law 280 State. OJS-District III does not have any staff in California. The District office does provide technical assistance when requested. There are 159 federally recognized tribes within AZ, CA, UT and NV. The total population of all the reservations located within DIII is approximately 121,994, this figure does not include the 109 tribes in CA.

There are more than 10 million acres of reservation land within District III. Tohono O’odham, Uintah and Ouray, Fort Apache and San Carlos Apache are the four biggest reservations within District III. The reservations within District III are arid desert and alpine forest ranging in temperatures from -10 degrees in the winter to 130 degrees in the summer.

On all reservations in District III the federal and tribal governments are the largest employers. Like most reservations in the United States, the unemployment rate among the tribes is well above the national average.

The next top employer on all reservations is gaming. Most of the reservations have a casino on their reservation. Some Arizona reservations have three casino located on their reservation. Other various economies on the reservation derive from Timber, Energy, Livestock, Tourism and artisan.