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 Division of Professional Standards

The Division of Professional Standards consists of the Internal Affairs (IA) and the Inspections and Evaluations (IE) programs with BIA-OJS.

Internal Affairs Division
The Internal Affairs Division's (IAD) primary objective is to ensure the integrity of the BIA-Office of Justice Services (OJS) Programs, which is maintained through an internal system whereby objectivity, fairness, and justice are insured by an impartial investigations and review of allegations of misconduct on OJS employees. The IAD is also responsible for alerting management of any training or policy deficiencies within the OJS. The IAD also provides internal affairs services for tribally operated programs.

Inspection and Evalulation Division
The Inspections and Evaluations Division (IED) conducts program reviews for BIA and Tribal law enforcement programs (criminal investigations, police, and detention) and develops policy and procedures. The review process is intended to be fair and objective to all programs and is conducted in the interest of maximizing the protection for the citizens of Indian Country. The program review will provide administrators with usable and relevant information about the operation of their respective programs and the performance of their employees. A review of law enforcement standards will be assessed utilizing standards set forth in the BIA Law Enforcement Handbook, BIA Detention Standards, 25 CFR, and applicable statutes.

Reviews and Audits conducted by the Division of Professional Standards are: Detention Program Inspections, Federal Case File Reviews, Police Program Inspections, and Program Reviews of District level and Training operations.

Overall, the Division provides services to 269 Indian Country law enforcement programs throughout the United States. The Division strives on positive partnerships with all BIA-OJS Divisions, Tribal Law Enforcement programs, and Tribal Governments.

The Division of Professional Standards is also responsible to provide technical assistance in the form of training, consultation, and policy development to the OJS and Tribal law enforcement programs.

Fiscal Year 2008 Division of Professional Standards Initiatives:

  1. Conduct Detention Inspections and revise the Detention Self-Audit Review.
  2. Complete the revision of the BIA Law Enforcement Handbook.
  3. Continue to conduct quality internal affairs investigations and promote the "Misconduct Prevention Program" in Indian Country.
  4. Coordinate the development and revision of policy and procedures with the BIA Drug Enforcement and BIA Detention Divisions.
  5. Conduct Law Enforcement Police and Criminal Investigation Program Inspections.