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The mission of the Alaska Region Budget Office is to provide assistance to the Alaska Region and the 229 Federally recognized Tribes in Alaska. The coordination and management of activities related to Budget includes - planning, execution and evaluation of all federal funding. Provide technical assistance and guidance to Tribes/Programs in the preparation and review of annual Tribal operating budgets.

The primary responsibility is to provide guidance and oversight for assuring integrity in budget formulation, justification, monitoring and execution of funds to accomplish goals and missions.

Monitors the execution of the approved organization budget through which these Regional programs, including obligations and expenditures in multi-year contracts and grant programs. Provides expert advice to the Regional Office and collects, coordinates, analyzes and disseminates budgetary, statistical and logistical data relating to program planning, budget development and annual budget submissions.

This year, the Alaska Region Budget Office has initiated an on-line survey to determine Tribal Priorities for FY 2018. This input from the Tribes regarding Tribal Priorities is for determining funding recommendations for our Bureau of Indian Affairs funded programs.

FY 2018 Tribal Budget Survey

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