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Natural Resources

The Branch of Natural Resource works to protect and improve the natural resources on Alaska Native allotments for the benefit of individual allotment owners. The Branch operates programs in Forestry, Wildland Fire Management, Agriculture and Range, Water Resources and Fisheries, and Wildlife and Parks in order to enhance the quality of life and promote economic opportunity for allotment owners and tribal members.

Current projects in Forestry include forest inventory and analysis using aerial photography and GIS along with systematic field work to determine the potential for commercial forest products on native allotments and prepare forest management plans. The Wildland Fire Management program provides funding for wildland fire preparedness, protection, and fuels reduction projects that protect Native allotments and villages and provide employment opportunities for tribal members.

Other services provided by natural resource programs that extend beyond Native allotments including projects associated with water resource management and protection, fisheries, wildlife, as well as the Agriculture and Range Program’s support of Native reindeer herders.

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