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Division of Real Estate Services

Office of Trust Services - Division of Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services protect and maintain the integrity of trust lands and trust resources through preservation of these resources.  The Pacific Regional Office provides policy direction, technical assistance, training, administrative review and monitoring in the evaluation of the Agency real property operations.

Regional office responsibilities include, but are not limited to: deciding appeals of agency actions; assisting the negotiation of P.L. 93-638 contracts for realty related functions; litigation support; review of real property initiatives; and review and approval of numerous real estate services transactions, e.g., acquisition, disposal, surface and sub-surface lease and land use planning proposal transactions for Indian Tribes who have contracted and compacted the program.

In addition, the Regional offices coordinate environmental studies, rights-of-way, easements, exchanges, partitions, patents in fee, removal of restrictions, permits and estate planning, and initiation of rights protection issues such as trespass and land damages; perform technical reviews of real estate transactions; and approve real estate transactions for contract and self-governance tribal transactions.

The Regional office combined with the agencies and tribal contracted/compacted real estate program offices ensure that the Indian owners have the ability to benefit from surface and subsurface resources of Indian land.