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Burned Area Emergency Response                 

Flooding Event- BEAR

Catastrophic wildland fire can cause multiple complex problems. Just a few of the potential problems from the severe loss of vegetation are soil erosion with decreased water quality and possibility of flash flooding. The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Program addresses stabilization and rehabilitation of these and other post wildland fire problems to protect public safety and prevent further degradation of the landscape. 


Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) teams are interdisciplinary teams composed of resource specialists who determine the need for, prescribe, and sometimes implement, emergency treatments to minimize threats to life or property or to stabilize and prevent further unacceptable degradation to natural and cultural resources resulting from the effects of wildfire. Based on the assessments written by Team resource specialists, treatment recommendations are made to affected tribes and agencies for the protection of human life, health and safety, critical cultural & natural resources, and infrastructure.

Las Conchas Debris Dam


Shawna Jensen explains how a BAER Team develops a Burned Area Reflectance Classification Map