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Prescribed Fire Treatments

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The natural role of fire is an essential part of the ecological process. Using fire as a tool to achieve resource management objectives may be the only effective tool resource managers have to restore the natural balance of the wildland on a large-scale.

Prescribed burning is that tool. It is the deliberate and careful application of fire on a landscape. Each application, called a "fuels treatment", may be a singular event, or be used in combination with other mechanical treatments to reduce fuel build-up. In fire-adapted systems, fire should be present on a recurring cycle consistent with the natural fire regimes to sustain ecosystem functionality.

Fire managers cannot perform any kind of prescribed fire treatment without first attending to environmental compliance requirements. Each treatment requires specific burn plans with measurable burn objectives that clearly defined operational procedures for implementation, monitoring, escapes and contingency resources.

Interagency Guides BIA Policy
Prescribed Fire Complexity Rating System Guide


PMS 484 - Interagency Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation Procedures Guide (April 2014)
      Appendix A - Prescribed Fire Plan Template

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BIA Fuels Management Program Supplement

PMS 424 - Prescribed Fire Complexity Analysis
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PMS 485 - Agency Administrator Ignition Authorization (November 2013)
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PMS 486 - Prescribed Fire Go/No-Go Checklist (November 2013) [Editable File]