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BIA Wildland Fire Management Guidance Memos 

Posted documents are those that have been sent to "All Regions."





June 5OWFUpdate and Recertify Home-to-Work Transportation Authorization

Attachment 1: OWF Policy Memorandum 2015-006

Attachment 2: FY2015 Request Record

June 2ALL2017 Direction to Wildland Fire Leadership 
April 14BudgetGuidance for FY17 Wildland Fire Management Budget

Attachment 1: OWF Policy Memorandum 2016-013; Guidance for FY17 Funds Execution and Continuing Resolution Wildland Fire Budget Allocations

Attachment 2: OWF Policy Memorandum 2016-016; Additional guidance for Fiscal Year 2017 Funds

Attachment 3: Guidance for FY17 Wildland Fire Management Budget

Attachment 4: ES Initiation FY17 Funding Request Form 9_2016

Attachment 5: Budget Management Control Schedule

Jan 23  AdminEmergency Firefighter - Casual Payment Center Webinar Training

Attachment 1: Save the Date Flyer

Attachment 2: Webinar Participant Instructions

Dec. 22 Operations  Adoption of Red Book and Due Dates for Reporting and Submissions Attachment 1: Reporting Deadlines for 2017
Dec. 22CPCOffering Casuals Federal Employee Health Benefits

Attachment 1: Conditional Offer of Federal Employee Health Benefits Form

Attachment 2: FEHB Fast Facts for Casuals

Dec. 06OCFO Notification of Unauthorized use of the Indian Affairs Federal Fleet Cards for BIA Owned Vehicles used by Non-Federal Employees 
Sept..21 FuelsResilient Landscapes National ImplementationAttachment 1: OWF Policy Memorandum 2016-012
Attachment 2: Announcement of the Fiscal Year 2017 Wildland Fire Resilient Landscapes Activities
July 21OperationsSelection of Nationally Sponsored Hand Crews and Crew Support 
May 25OperationsSolicitation of Nationally sponsored Hand Crews and Crew Support

Attachment 1 - Criteria for Crew Proposals
Attachment 2 - Crew Qualification & Equipment Standards
Attachment 3 - Standard Crew Composition Cost
Attachment 4 - Crew and Personnel Equipment Cost
Attachment 5 - Personnel Training Requirements

April 29AdministrationDOI 2016 Administratively Determined Pay Plan for Emergency Workers and OWF Policy Memorandum 2016-04 for Casual Hire Travel Expense Reimbursement Waiver

Attachment 1 - 2016 DOI AD Pay Plan
Attachment 2 -
Secretary Waiver
Attachment 3 -
OWF Policy Memo - Casual Hire Travel Expense Reimbursement Waiver
Attachment 4 -
BWFM Travel Guidance
Attachment 5 -
Approving Official Batch Memo
Attachment 6 -
Casual AD Travel Reimbursement Process
Attachment 7 -
Travel Process and Worksheet

April 25AdministrationEmergency Firefighters - Casual Payment Center WebinarsSave the Date Flyer
April 5BudgetGuidance for FY16 Wildland Fire Management BudgetOffice of Wildland Fire Policy Memorandum 2016-02
Feb 23Fire & Aviation Executive BoardLetter to Call for Pulaski Award Nominations 
Feb. 18Student Internship ProgramOTS Pathways Internship Program  Announcement Memo

Host Office Intern Request Form
Pathways Internship Program Brochure

Pathways Internship Program Flyer

Feb. 12OperationsArea Command Recruitment for 2016 
Feb. 2AdminNational Forestry & Wildland Fire Management Conference -"Partnering for Productive Forests"Agenda
Dec. 2BudgetUse of No-year Carryover Funds for Labor 
Dec. 2BudgetFY16 Reporting & Submissions for Wildland Fire Operations 
Nov. 13AviationRealignment of Wildland Fire Aviation Positions


Nov. 10AdministrationScheduling of "Use or Lose" Annual Leave to Avoid Forfeiture 
Oct. 22Information TechnologyMemorandum of Understanding for Wildland Fire Management and All Hazard Response Information Systems  Interconnection among the Wildland Fire Management Agencies 
Oct.07AdministrationDOI Wildland Fire Budget Allocations for FY16DOI FY 2016 Preliminary Allocations
Sept. 28AdministrationBranch of Wildland Fire Management ReorganizationBranch WFM Org Chart - Sept. 2015
July 28AdministrationEstablishment of Fire Leadership Team  
May 07AdministrationDOI, 2015 Administratively Determined Pay Plan for Emergency Workers2015 DOI AD Pay Plan
May 07FuelsReserved Treaty Rights Lands National Implementation1. Reserved Treaty Rights Lands Plan
2015 RTRL Regional Planning Levels and Budget Submission Distribution Schedules
Wildland Fire Potential Map
Mar. 30OperationsReporting & Submissions for Wildland Fire Operations 
Mar. 25AdministrationTRM Allocation, Reporting and Accountability Plan  
Feb. 20AdministrationTribal Resource Management Initiative Implementation 
Jan. 29AdministrationCorrespondence Procedure for Wildland Fire Management 
Dec. 1Safety2015 BIA/Tribal Medical Standards Program & Drug Testing ProceduresDOI Medical Standards Program
Oct. 20PlanningDelegation of Wildfire Decisions in the Wildland Fire Decision Support System 
Oct. 14Office of Wildland FireTribal Leader Letter - regarding Tribal Consultation of the Development of Risk based Wildland Fire Management  
Sept. 8Office of Wildland FireDOI Tribal Consultation Policy 
June 23AdministrationTribal Resource Management Initiative Implementation Update 
May 28Operations Use of Suppression Operations AccountSuppression Operations Sub-activity

May 28


Coop Agreement Template
Assistance Agreement
Notification of Required Use of Cooperative Agreement Template
April 22AdministrationBIA Release of the Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (National Strategy)  
April 17AdministrationReconciliation of Fire Suppression Accounts 
April 17AdministrationTribal Resource Management Initiative Implementation2015 Tribal Resource Management Initiative Budget
Mar.13TrainingC-Faller Course Announcement 
Feb. 20Burned Area Emergency ResponseFY14 Burned Area Emergency Response Team Recruitment AnnouncementBIA Burned Area Emergency Response Team Nomination Form (PDF) (Doc)
Jan. 16Safety2014 BIA/Tribal Medical Standards Program and Drug Testing Procedures2014 BIA MSP Exam Matrix
Jan. 16Fuels ManagementPrescribed Fire Policy and Direction

Fuels Management Committee

Nov. 26AdministrationTransition to Employee Common Identifier (ECI) for Casual Administrative Determined (AD) Employees
Attachment 1: ECI Procedures
Nov. 6Cohesive StrategyNational Cohesive Strategy Direction to Department of the Interior Wildland Fire LeadershipTable/Roster of BIA Tribal Responsibilities
DOI Administratively Determined Personnel Bulletin NO. 14-03
DOI 2014 Administratively Determined Pay Plan for Emergency Workers
DOI Pay Plan
Sept.13AdministrationBIA Implementation of the DOI Administratively Determined AD Pay Plan 
Sept. 09AdministrationNotification of Required Use of Cooperative Agreement Template in Response to Office of Inspector General's Incident Report on BIA's Wildland Fire Suppression  
Aug. 14Administration

Emergency Equipment Rental Operations Plan

June 5Fuels ManagementBIA Fuels Treatment Effectiveness Final Guidance 
May 22Wildfire PreventionRescind Hiring Exception Position for Prevention Technicians 
April 29Administration

2013 BIA Cover Memo - DOI Administratively Determined Pay Plan for Emergency Workers

April 17PlanningData Agreement Template/ Authorization and the LANDFIRE Program  
April 16PlanningWildland Fire Decision Support System Guidance 
April 16Safety/TrainingFire Season Planning and Preparedness - Fitness Challenge  
April 4Burned Area Emergency ResponseBurned Area Emergency Response Team Recruitment 
April 4Fire OperationsProcess for Reopening Bureau of Indian Affairs FireCodes  
Mar. 20AdministrationAdministratively Determined Hiring by Tribally Contracted of Compact Fire Management Programs for Fire Suppression & Fuels Mgt 
Feb. 13SafetyBIA Wilderness First Responder, Wildland Fire First Aid Minimum Guidelines & Protocols 
Jan. 17Safety2013 BIA/Tribal Medical Standards Program and Drug Testing Policy 
Dec. 28AdministrationWildland Fire Preparedness Regional Program Reviews Schedule  
Oct. 30BudgetHurricane Sandy Support, Non-Fire Emergency Guidance 
Oct. 5TrainingInclusion of BIA All-Hazards Responders in IQCS and ROSS  
Oct. 4AdministrationNew Fire Management Position Descriptions

BIA Standard PDs

Sep. 25Fuels ManagementBIA Fuels Treatment Effectiveness Interim Guidance 
Aug.25Wildfire PreventionGuidance on Prevention Promotion Items 
June 11SafetyStandard DOI Firefighter Position Descriptions (motor vehicle operation) 
June 5SafetyWildland Fire Boot Stipend Memo  
May 22AdministrationTimekeeping Protocol for "Base 8" Hours During Wildfire Assignments 
May 14CommunicationBIA Wildland Fire Media Relations Guidance 
Feb. 12Safety2012 Montezuma Fire Fatality Factual Report 
Jan. 25Safety

BIA/Tribal Medical Standards Drug Testing Policy Memo

Mar. 16SafetyMarch 16 - Medical Standards Program Exam Process and Exam Protocol 
Aug. 23FacilitiesWildland Fire Program, Facility Construction FY-2010 
Aug.18TrainingInteragency Fire Program Management Responsibilities and Consequences

DOI Memo - Interagency Fire Program Management Qualification Standards Implementation Responsibilities and Consequences

Implementation of the Interagency Fire Program Management Qualifications Standards and Guide

June 7OperationsTerminology Updates Resulting from Release of the Guidance for the Implementation of federal Wildland Fire Management Policy (2009)

NWCG Memo # 024-2010

Terminology Updates (Crosswalk for terms found in policy)

June 1TrainingDelegation of C-Faller Program to Brian Billie, Navajo IHC 
Mar. 29SafetyPayment for Emergency Medical Technicians in administration of the Work Capacity Test 
Mar. 18Fuels Management2011 Department of the Interior HFPAS Process

FY2011 Department of Interior HFPAS Process

HFPAS Treatment Priority System 2011

ASPMB's October 2, 2009 FY 2010 HFR Treatment Priorities memorandum

BIA Supplemental Instructions - HFPAS Treatment Priority System 2011

Feb. 22AdministrationRookie Camps - Clarification of February 2, 2009 Policy on Training Emergency Wildland Firefighters 
Jan. 27SafetyUpdated Chainsaw Operator Policy

Program Description

Evaluation Form

Job Hazard Analysis

Jan. 5Information TechnologyApproval Process for the Use of Google Earth on TrustNet ComputersApproval Process for use of Google Earth on TrustNet Computers
Oct. 4TrainingInteragency Fire Program Management Decision Paper #4NWCG #021-2008
Sep. 28PlanningInterim Support Tool for Wildland Fire Decision Support System - DataPony 
July 13SafetyChainsaw Chap Standards 
June 24PreventionRelease of 90 IAM 1.4C (6) - H National Wildfire Prevention Handbook 
June 23PlanningFire Planning Analysis 
April 28Safety2009 BIA Motor Vehicle Policy Memo  
Mar. 27OperationsUpdated Guidance for Implementation of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy 
March 10PlanningAccessing the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) 
March 5PlanningWildland Fire Decision support System Transition-Schedule and Action Items 
Sept. 3Fuels ManagementHazardous Fuels Risk Assessment Framework 
Aug.12Fuels ManagementInteragency Prescribed Fire and Planning Implementation Procedures GuideNWCG #015-2008
June 26Fuels ManagementVerification of Wildland Fire Use Statistics 
April 25AdministrationAdministrative Fees Charged to Suppression Account 

Oct. 11


National Wildfire Coordinating Group Unit Identifiers


July 25


Use of Engine Operator (ENOP) Position


May 16


Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program Indirect Cost Funding FY2007


May 7


Filling Assistant Regional Office Positions with Technician Series Employees

DOI Personnel Bulletin NO. 05-01 - Wildland Fire Program Standardized Position Descriptions

Feb. 5


Current Complexity Ratings for Bureau of Indian Affairs Units


Feb. 21


Use of the Prescribed Fire Burn Boss - type 2 and Agency Responsibilities for Low and Very Low Complexity Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation


Jan. 31


Inclusion of BIA Law Enforcement Personnel in IQCS and ROSS

Jan. 16, 2007 National Fire and Aviation Executive Board Memorandum

Dec. 22AdministrationInternational Travel for BIA Firefighters 
Dec. 15AdministrationOrdering Contracted Resources for Non-Emergency Situations - Fire Severity Rehabilitation and Fuels Project Activities 
Oct. 11AdministrationNational Wildfire Coordinating Group Unit Identifiers 
Oct. 5Fuels
Fire Ecologist PositionsPosition Description
Memorandum of Understanding
Oct. 3AdministrationCasual Pay Plan Technical Specialist PositionsPosition Description Format
Sept. 29AdministrationAlternative Hiring AuthoritiesCurrently Delegated Federal Appointment Authorities
Aug. 25PreventionWildland Fire Prevention Program Documentation Requirements 
Aug. 14TrainingIFPM Standards for Regional National Fire Management Positions 
July 21Fuels
BIA Fuels Program Business Management Handbook Distribution 
July 19PreventionBIA National WeTip Arson Hotline and Rewards Program 
June 7TrainingInteragency Fire Program Management Standards UpdateNational Fire and Aviation Executive Board  Memo - May 17, 2006 IFPM Update
June 19SafetyClarification of Motor Vehicle Operation Policy for the Wildland Fire Program 
May 3AdministrationCareer Seasonal Employee in Non-Pay Status and Use of the Administratively Determined Pay Plan 
Jan. 24AdministrationRevised BIA FireCode Business Procedures

BIA FireCode System Business Procedures

BIA FireCode Activity Matrix

Jan. 10Fuels
Interagency Prescribed Fire Planning & Implementation Guide 
Nov. 18Fuels ManagementClarification on Policy for the GS-0401 Fire Management Specialist Position

DOI Memo - Policy Interpretation of the Supplemental Qualification Standard for the GS-0401 Fire Management Specialist

May 4


Clarification on Training Policy for Administratively Determined Emergency Hires 
June 12Administration2003 Expanded Government Charge Card Purchase Authority During Emergency Wildland Fie Operations 
April 6Administration2001 Guideline for Tribally Operated Wildland Fire Management Programs