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Release Date BIA Administratively Determined Policy Memo Title
May 2015

DOI, 2015 Administratively Determined Pay Plan for Emergency Workers

Attachment 1: DOI 2015 AD Pay Plan
Attachment 2:
BIA Example Codes For Input into FPPS
Attachment 3:
Table/Roster of BIA Tribal Responsibilities

Sept. 2014 Administratively Determined Emergency Firefighter Training
April 2014

2014 AD BIA Cover Memo
Attachment 1:
Table/ Roster of BIA Tribal Responsibilities 
Attachment 2:
DOI Administratively Determined Personnel Bulletin NO. 14-03

Mar 2013

Administratively Determined Hiring by Tribally Contracted of Compact Fire Management Programs for Fire Suppression & Fuels Mgt

May 2013

Rescind Hiring Exception Position for Prevention Technicians

Sept 2013 BIA Implementation of the DOI Administratively Determined AD Pay Plan
May 2004

Clarification on Training Policy for Administratively Determined Emergency Hires

April 2001 Guideline for Tribally Operated Wildland Fire Management Programs

DOI Pay Plan  may not be used to circumvent other hiring authorities (i.e., temporary 1039 or career seasonal appointments), contracting procedures, or to fill vacant government positions. Additionally, this authority can never be used to extend a time limited appointment (i.e., 1039 appointment).

It is imperative hiring officials, approving officials, and other pertinent staff educate themselves with this guidance, the pay plan, and the Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook (IIBMH) prior to hiring under the AD Pay Plan authority.

Hiring Forms

Hiring units are required to complete the necessary hiring forms when hiring a casual. The following forms are to be completed and maintained at the hiring unit in accordance with the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a). In states that require income taxes, withholdings will be assessed for the state in which the casual is hired, unless a reciprocal agreement is in place. The casual pay Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS) system also allows for a voluntary state tax record to be added when a casual needs to pay state taxes for the state they reside in, as well as the “hired at” state.  Casuals are encouraged to consult with a tax expert for guidance or questions on federal and state taxes. The following forms are to be completed, and forwarded to the DOI Casual Payment Center:

  • Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • SF-1199A, Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (optional)
  • Applicable State Tax Forms

Download Hiring Forms:

  • Single Resource Casual Hire Information Form (SRCHIF);
  • Incident Behavior Form;
  • Form I-9

Payment Procedures for Casuals Hired Under the AD Pay Plan

The processing of emergency firefighter payroll for casuals hired by the BIA will be done out of the DOI Casual Payment Center (CPC), located at 1249 Vinnell Way, Suite 108, Boise, Idaho 83709. Payment procedures can be found here.

Who Do I Call?

Any questions regarding the AD pay plan authority should be directed to a local subject matter expert. Local subject matter experts include the Fire Management Officer (FMO), the Assistant Fire Management Officer (AFMO), hiring officials, etc. If the local subject matter expert is unable to answer questions regarding the AD pay plan authority, contact the Regional Incident Business Lead or National Incident Business Lead when there is not one available. Any questions regarding the actual payment of a casual(s) or the payment process would be directed to the CPC. For BIA related questions, call: 208-387-5696AD hiring authority cannot be delegated to a tribally contracted or compact program.  This function is an inherently federal activity that needs government oversight.  However, tribes may designate a Tribal Official to sign as a Time Officer on the Emergency Firefighter Time sheet (OF-2008) when such Tribal Officials are designated.  Designation must be agreed upon in a Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding or Contract Scope of Work Statements between the Tribe and the BIA.In order for BIA/Tribal employees to support all-hazard incidents and seek reimbursement, there must be a Presidentially Declared Disaster Proclamation and/or a FEMA declaration for the specific Emergency support Function in place.    The DOI Pay Plan is a special hiring authority granted to the Department of Interior to provide a simplified process to hire casuals for the specific needs identified below.