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 Interagency Hotshot Crew Program

The mission of the BIA Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) program is to provide a safe, organized, mobile and highly skilled professional hand crew for all wildland fire management activities.

Indian Country Hotshot Crews

Chief Mountain IHC **
Fort Apache IHC 
Geronimo IHC**
Golden Eagles **
Navajo IHC
Warm Springs IHC**
Zuni IHC 
** Denotes Tribal Program

The seven hotshot crew programs sponsored by the Bureau represent elite fire fighting resources that build their professional reputations on integrity, quality and productivity. Crew members use their skills and experience to mentor and provide training for fire suppression and prescribed fire activities throughout the nation.

Hotshot Crew History in America

What does it take to be a "hotshot"?

Standards & Qualifications 


Standards for Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations
National Interagency Hotshot Crew Steering Committee Listing
IHC Listing of Crew Superintendents and Captains

Hotshot Fitness

Indian Country Fitness Challenge
Hotshot Fitness

BIA Hotshot Crew Contacts

Chief Mountain IHC
Blackfeet Tribe
P.O. Box 850
Bldg 135 Agency Square
Browning, MT 59417



Lyle St. Goddard, Superintendent
Chief Mountain Hotshots

Eli Stillsmoking, Assistant Superintendet
(406) 450-4366 (Cell)
Steve Bullshoe, Secretary
(406) 450-1411 (Cell)
(406) 338-2938 (Office)
(406) 338-3786 (Fax)
(406) 450-8631 (Cell)

Fort Apache IHC
Fort Apache Agency
180 W. Horseshoe Ave.
White River, AZ 85941


Brian K. Quintero,Superintendent
Fort Apache Hotshots 

Mark Burnette Sr., Assistant Superintendent
(928) 338-5449 (Office)
(928) 338-9459 (Cell)
(928) 537-5305 (Show Low Dispatch)
(928) 338-6170 (Fax) 

Geronimo IHC
San Carlos Apache Tribe
P.O. Box 0
Natural Resource Bldg 92
Airport Rd/ Tonto St.
San Carlos, AZ 85550


Julius Hostetler, Superintendent
(928) 961-1451(Cell)

Julius Hostetler, Assistant Superintendent
Geronimo Hotshots
(928) 200-7243 (Cell)
(928) 475-3696 (Office)
(480) 457-1551 (Phoenix Dispatch)
(928) 475-5798 (Fax)

Golden Eagles
IHC5449 Sycuan Road
El Cajon, CA 92019 



Byron Alcantara, Superintendent
(619) 994-1740 (Cell)

Rick Madrigal, Assistant Superintendent
(619) 333-9036 (Cell)
(619) 445-0979 (Office)
(619) 445-6991 (Fax) 

Navajo IHC
BIA Navajo Forestry
P.O. Box 1060 MC 443
Gallup, NM 87305

Vann Smith, Superintendent
Navajo Hotshots

Assistant Superintendent
(928) 729-7391 (Office)
(928) 205-9989 (Cell)
(928) 729-2307 (Dispatch)
(928) 729-5029 (Fax)

Warm Springs IHC
Warm Springs Agency
P.O. Box 1239
4207 Holliday Lane
Warm Springs, OR 97761


Gary Sampson, Superintendent
Warm Springs Hotshots

Renso Rodriguez, Assistant Superintendent
(541) 553-1146 ext 228 (Office)
(541) 553-2413 (Dispatch)
(541) 553-2436 (Fax)
(541) 325- 2031(Cell)

Zuni IHC
BIA Zuni Agency
P.O. Box 369
301 N Bldg 54
Zuni, NM 87327

Myron Sheche, Superintendent
Zuni Hotshots
(505) 870-8892 (Cell)

Todd Etsate, Assistant Superintendent
(505) 782-3366 (Office)
(505) 870-3056 (Cell)
(505) 782-3017 (Fax)