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C-Faller Program

Faller-C Certification Course Offering

Course Coordinator: Brian Billie

The BIA C-Faller Training and Certifier Program began in 2002 as a way to provide consistency to faller qualifications in the Bureau as well as increase safety awareness and technical skills in the mitigation of hazardous trees on and off the fireline. The program addresses OSHA requirements for employees using chain saws in the field and provides a consistent certification platform using a standardized evaluation format. The national office, in cooperation with a recognized professional faller from the private sector, provides annual training for our most skilled operators. This training takes place at several locations throughout Indian Country. In past years, the training has taken place on the Yurok-Weitchpec, Yakama, Colville, Warm Springs, Mescalero, Blackfeet, Ft. Apache, Flathead, Menominee, and Tule River Reservations.

The Yurok Tribe, whose reservation is located in Northern California, has provided the Bureau with a long-term training site for C-Faller training. Trees felled during training operations are salvaged for lumber production.

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