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Prescribed Fire Mentoring Program

The mission of the program is to strengthen the confidence of our fireline leaders through the repeated experiential learning opportunities offered by the program. The Seminole Reservation offers excellent opportunities for students to conduct numerous prescribed burns. This experience enhances student's ability and increases their effectiveness as leaders in both prescribed fire and suppression operations. As fireline leaders gain experience through repetitive application and management of fire, the more effective they become at restoring fire dependent ecosystems on their home units.

About the Program

Each year, the BIA Fire Management offers opportunities to Tribal and BIA fire employees to gain valuable experience in fire at one of its Fire Mentoring Hubs. The National Mentoring Hub is located at the Seminole Agency in Florida. Open season for applicants begins September 1st of each year and ends November 30. Burn Modules are selected from the applicant list and travel to Seminole Agency during the months of January and February. The Burn Modules are led by Field Coordinators, master performers in the area of Fire Operations. The Field Coordinators serve as mentors for the groups. At Seminole each group is scheduled for a 21 day assignment. Housing is provided at the Seminole hub which helps make the program cost effective. In Florida, almost every day is a burn day thereby maximizing the training experience.

In addition to the National Hub at Seminole Agency in Florida the Fire Mentoring Program offers training opportunities at Geographic Hubs. Each year specific units having active Prescribed Fire programs contact the mentoring program coordinator to offer up their unit as a location available to support trainees. Currently these hubs are emphasizing prescribed fire operations but in the future hubs may be developed that offer a suppression or an aviation management emphasis. Each year a list of opportunities will be generated and communicated to the field by memo.

Mentoring Application Forms

Submitt the following application forms for Mentors and Mentees to a BIA Training Officer.